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Here a collection of articles that we consider basic for a true and honest approuch to weightraining. The main are links to the great site of Casey Butt, Casey Butt's weightrainer web site because the work of Casey, among others, has show the true way for develop the limits of our bodies.

This concept, of limit potencial, is also not very well acceptted. We suppouse from the beggining that human body is created equall, so equall has to be the ultimate develop of the body in his strenght and shape. But this is, of course, not true. One difference is, of course, evident: Ones are taller than others; some men have smaller bones than other people. This is so evident that is quite impossible to think that with the training you can overmcome this limitation and be as tall as Reg Park, per exmaple. No, man. You have a limit in your development, if you want it nor not, but you have a limit.

This is the reason why I put the first article the Your muscular potencial because is a good thing knowing that every men is different, and the difference is in your bones, in your muscle bellies, in your joints, in the levels of your hormones...

These are an small enumeration of the things you can not change, but there are other that you can, as the diet you eat, the hours you rest in a day, the days you wait until the next workout, the intensity and volume of your training. These changeable variable with the genetics you are give us the finall result, that is the body you have.