Videos featuring Reg Park, Jon Jon Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger and and Reg's inspiration, the Great John Grimek

Interview to Jon Jon Park in the 8th anniversary of Reg's pass away. 11-22-2015

Interview to Jon Jon Park. 04-04-2016

Reg talking about drugs in bodybuilding. 1988

Very special thanks to to Thomas Knott for the video edition!

Reg Park recieves from Arnold the life time award in the Arnold classic 2002

Reg doing a 455 lb bench press in the 1957 Mr USA

Reg possing in the Mr USA 1957 at his best shape ever

Reg Park posing routine at the Mr Universe 1965

Promo video of the Reg Park biographic DVD filmed few months before he died

Jon Jon Park talking about his father Reg Park for Part 1

Jon Jon Park talking aobut his father Reg Park for Part 2

Arnold tribute to Reg Park, part 1

Arnold tribute to Reg Park, part 2

Arnold tribute to Reg Park, part 3

Reg and Arnold in 1975 and 1977

John Grimek interview in the 80s

John Grimek short video performing some lifts and gymnastics habilities

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